Sunday, December 16, 2007

I was having a conversation with a lovely friend of mine, the other evening. we were on the topic of fear and how fear can almost paralyze us, until we bring reality to the situation.

Here's a few things that came to mind during our talk.
1. For me...Fear mostly occurs at night while everyone but me is asleep.

I don't think this is ironic. It doesn't surprise me that when I'm most vulnerable and can't see in the physical, that I would be vulnerable and not able to see in spiritual realm...

2. Fear takes us to an alternate reality...lets say a "spiritual realm" Eph 6.

I always think of fear as something not from God. And to tell you the truth, I still don't think if God is going to tell you something he's not going to push you to do it out fear. Saying that, I think our flesh can be scared of the Supernatural. I think God uses fear to draw is into the spiritual realm....some of my most amazing quiet times are are at three in the morning when I have been kept awake by fear.

3. It is always the right thing to read the bible and fight and pray against the fear, but if your going to sit and stew in your fear, you must GET UP and focus your mjind on something else.

I know this from experience. I will pray...pray...pray...meditate, focus, sing, and somehow my brain doesn't comprehend that I am TRYING to get the fear off my mind. For me, sometimes it takes...getting up and going to get a cup of coffee, turning all the lights on, watching TV, or waking someone up to bring you back to reality. But...always choose to read the word and pray first.

4. If you are fearful...remember to listen for the Spirit.

Just like when God called Samuel, when we are awakened from our sleep we must listen and see if God is saying something to you.

This is just a few things on my mind the last couple of days...

peace in the middle east

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