Tuesday, December 11, 2007

love is...

I'm a tad bit sad this evening as I write. I wish I could make everyone love each other. I wish everyone chose Christ over the world, and I wish I could make Christmas perfect. You know what's interesting? The more I try, the harder it gets.

On a completely other note, I had a conversation with someone this morning about Calvinism. I have always found that when it came to Calvinism or Armenian ism I have always fell nearer the Calvinist side. But we were talking about the "Elect(God's Choice not man's) " and I just can't find in my Spirit a place that finds peace with that theology.

I began to think about the fact that...you have to choose to be a Calvinist, or any other belief system. You have to weigh the Word and figure out what you believe. There is a choice. Life is a choice. God does know the outcome, but he created us in a way that he could bring his wisdom and thoughts to our thoughts, to draw us into a relationship. I just can't be down with the fact that God is a dictator. God is Lover, a bridegroom, all knowing and powerful, but Dictator...I just don't believe that.

Calvinism and Armenian ism are just two beliefs two men came up with. In the end, it's theology, it's not the Word of God. It's two ways of believing not the Word inspired by God himself. I think the only book that's inspired only by God and not any other thing is the Bible. No Flesh...God's word.

Peace in the Middle East.


Justeen said...

Emily, Emily,
Such deep thoughts. I, too, have wrestled with this ongoing debate and having come from a strong Armenian background and now attending a Baptist Church....wow...the Lord has a way of taking us all back to school. I have prayed for an open mind, an open heart. These two views have been fodder for many church divisions, for many sound Christians to question what it is we truly believe....all the while, can't you hear the world whisper, "And let the fight begin!" In the meantime, our focus is taken off the Great Commission and honoring God and instead we focus on "whose theology is right." Shameful. At a recent church meeting, this same discussion was brought up and differing views were the topic until one wise man stood up and said, "Certainly there's tension between the two views, but can't we somehow celebrate our differences?" Now there's a notion for unity: celebrate our differences. That is not to say, of course, that we celebrate differences that are not scripturally based. There are, no doubt, as many verses on how "we did not choose Him, but He chose us" as there are "He would have none perish but ALL have eternal life", etc. (Believe me....I've looked them all up!) The bottom line for me is this: whether irrisistable grace elected me or whether I fell on my knees and "came" to Him, I know that I "believed in my heart and confessed with my lips that Jesus Christ is Lord." The end result is the same. (Do I hear an Amen, little sista?) Quarreling among Christians brings no honor to God. I love this verse in Colossians 2:8: "See to is that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosphy which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ." Tradition. It's such a strong argument....but it never wins in the end if God is not the author of it.
I love you Emily and the God who abides within you. Have a great day.

Leah said...

Me too, me too. on both your post and the first comment, i have to agree whole heartedly. I didn't realize how much theology i had actually been taught until i went to a school that taught differently. trying to connect the two views and then having other theologies on top of everything. i wound up more confused and when i was talking with my dad on the phone for the billionth time, i realized that i alone had a choice to make. i could chose Jesus and I could chose to love the people around me regardless of what theology they believed. that alone got me through school. i also had to learn to let the debates and the arguments go. no one will win them. so why waste time? granted they brought amazing insight to the table, but it wasn't worth the division that was caused. God is love, he came to save me and you. and you are right, the more we try the harder it gets, but that's what makes it worth it. :) all my love, leah