Monday, January 7, 2008

To Africa with Love

I love Africa. When I think of my Continent my heart brims with excitement, and anxiety. I tend to carry the burdens of others without knowing it until later, maybe it's a way of understanding empathy or maybe it's the Lord getting back at me for something I did...haha totally kidding, but either way I do.

As the desire in my heart for Africa grows, Somalia in particular, so the weight became heavier and heavier on my shoulders. How was I going to end the AIDS epidemic, how can I protect the child soldiers, how can I prevent mindless killings, it became overwhelming.

Yesterday, before I walked into work, I was praying over Africa. And I was telling God, why would I or anyone want to help, nothing we do will even make a dent in the devastation of Africa. Then God said clearly, "Emily, your absolutely right." At the risk of sounding arrogant before the Lord, I said, "Of course I was...o wait, about what?" " Emily, there is nothing anyone can do, whether it be you, Bono, Invisible Children, or an entire nation, to change the lives of anyone in Africa. Change, Physical and Spiritual Salvation, and Peace ONLY happens through me."

A bit humbled, I let the Lord speak to me. I let him carry the burden. and have chosen to be like Abraham and ask God to change his mind about Africa and save the Continent for His Glory.

HIS name, and HIS renown are the cries of my heart.

28peace in the middle east28

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Stephanie said...


im stunned

it takes me back to the night you first understood what 28 was..praise God that He has chosen someone as passionate and humble as you to go and be with his people

i love you

dont lose hope, His timing is always perfect