Monday, June 20, 2011


My mother recently challenged me to do a study on the people in the Bible who had a call on their life. She recommended this because, I have a bit of an issue with finding my purpose in life and truly understanding my calling.

So I began my journey in Esther. I'm only in chapter 4 of the book I have read so very many times before, but I'm seeing so much.

The power of Faith, faith in a God who isn't even mentioned in the book. Mordecai, truly amazes me. He believed in Esther long before Esther believed in Esther. He encouraged her to go, talked to her daily, and began to birth within her the vision of God's heart. A good father(uncle) is what he was. Someone who captured the heart of God and inspired his child to do the same.

For my Calvinist friends, I also believe predestination is a huge part of this story. God had a plan and he fulfilled it...for my Armenians I see that there was free will involved. Esther didn't have to go into the king's chambers and beg for her people, but she chose to knowing it was worth everything.

Preparation is key to this story as well. Everything is done within a certain and appropriate order.

Finally, I have noticed that the calling is not without hardship...The Jewish people were about to be annihilated, Mordecai was in deep anguish, Haman will die, and the king was embarrassed by Vashti...but this pain all led to the end purpose of God...interesting eh?

I'm still learning and still growing in understanding, but I am truly enjoying the revelation I have been given, thus far.

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Sarah Gnagey said...

Emma, first of all that was great revelation. Second who is your Mordecai?