Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is the day that the Lord had made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Our MA's got in yesterday. It looks like we have a really solid group of men and women ready to touch Uganda.

The Lord has really been stretching me in my prayer life. I feel like I should be up before the missionaries, MA's and even the project director, to be praying for the day, those I'm around, and for the spirit of God to fall consistently on us. The difficult part is the getting up. After that it's all gravy....The other thing is, coffee is sparse. That is excruciating.

We had a mock severe weather storm this morning at 6:05 to practice our safety skills. NEXT...

Alright, if your cool enough to keep up with ;) , know that I'm so thankful for the prayers.



Lucy said...

Oh emily! What a wonderful adventure you are in! Remember that every person you meet and travel with has something to teach you!

Much Love


Pastor Nev said...

Emily!!!! Lindsey Little is trying to find you in Kampala. Check out my facebook message from her. Love you sweetie!


Sarah Gnagey said...

EM!! You need to post more...I miss you!