Monday, September 26, 2011


So I haven't blogged in a while. I'm not sure why, I think its probably been because it has been hard for me. I have distanced myself from my Maker and I am returning, but that is not what anyone of my readers...all 2 of you...want to hear.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and I had something on my mind. I kind of felt like growing up I built my foundation on the rock, the rock of Jesus Christ. "Jesus is my firm foundation, I know I can stand secure, Jesus firm foundation, I put my trust in his holy word...the name of the Lord is(clap, clap clap) a strong tower..." Okay, okay, I won't continue with the 80's maybe early 90's Christian praise music. Anyway, I have felt a bit like I have been on the sand. Like my foundation was shaking and I was sinking into the oblivion of what I thought I was secure in.

After considering my wavering, I began to feel like, it's not the foundation that's changed its just my house that I have built on it shaking like mad in the storms of this past year. You see, what saved me is the fact that I didn't build my house on the sand. Bless the Lord.

Turns out, growing up is hard, choosing God daily is harder than when I was a child. Choosing the world seems somewhat enticing but the world will not overcome me, I will overcome the world.


Cheryl Gnagey said...

I love you, my sweet girl. Life is messy and so is love, and Jesus knows that too. You are safe, and you are secure.

Sarah Gnagey said...

Emma! I love you. Keep blogging...I really enjoy reading it!