Monday, July 11, 2011

People Pleaser, much?

I was listening to a sermon by John Bevere on being a people more worried about pleasing others than pleasing God. I must say, one of my greatest and worst characteristics is to lift one's spirit through kind words, yet, sometimes I think I do it in order to feed a deep desire for people to be pleased with me and to like me, and to not leave me. He spoke of things that devastated my desire for self elevation, such as, whomever your source is, is whom you will serve. And it is that source that you will try not to offend. So if you're connected to God and he is your source then you work to please him and not offend him with your the same manor if man is your source you work to please and not offend man...which is more important? I know the right answer and my answer...sadly, they don't line up, though I'm getting them in line.

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Sarah Gnagey said...

I love you, Em, and I appreciate your vulnerability! :)